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Our network and services help you explore close-by oppportunities and place your business on your target market.

Network of independent

The 3D printing market constantly grows. neoprint3D aims for weaving a large mesh of expertise all the while ensuring every actor retains freedom in sharing and acting.


A service and expertise offer reserved to the members of the network to push technical excellence, products’ quality and in the end customer satisfaction even further.

The neoprint3D network

Joining the neoprint3D network means adhering to the values ​​of knowledge sharing, continuous improvement and respect for one’s peers in market exploration and technical excellence. No contract or obligation binds the members of the network to each other, simply the desire to increase its own technical level in order to provide printing offers corresponding to the growing and ever more challenging demand.

Joining the neoprint3D network also means securing the support of professional partners and a catalog of services that will grows along with your needs. Pooling of postproduction resources, access to specialized machines (high temperature, laser sintering), training, assistance with setting up… So many existing and future services, the development of which is limited to the wishes of the network actors.

In the end, joining the neoprint3D network is a declaration. It is about showing your will to respond to requests that are only looking to be explored, sharing tips and tricks, recounting your journey in the burgeoning world of 3D printing. It means positioning yourself as a major player, showing your desire to mark the area and shaping it in your own way. It all comes down to the fact that, before a catalog of services, before a hub of professionals, before a means, neoprint3D is quite simply you.

The genesis of the idea

In the age of the Internet and the dematerialization of services, contact and proximity remain essential vectors of success: meeting and discussing around a machine or a prototype make it possible to quickly rule out errors of interpretation, guaranteeing flawless efficiency and understanding. However, finding the right partner in your local sphere is often a lottery, as supply and demand are so scattered and varied.

To this observation are added three others:

1The offer in terms of 3D printing is constantly growing: there is one new innovation per day in a market that offers one new machine per month. Under these conditions, it is difficult to keep pace with technological monitoring and to be relevant in your investment choices. Having access to an exhaustive test bench and correlating existing needs with the technologies offered would be definite advantages.

2 This wealth inherent in the sector, beyond being difficult to exploit, can also be a source of confusion for customers. Often unaware of additive manufacturing technologies, their researches are made more complex by the number of existing services, the content of which is often obscure. Even more than the correlation of needs with technologies, there is here a real demand for support in characterizing the need and finding the right partner.

3Finally, this richness is also reflected in the transversality of 3D printing: prototyping, series, medical, industrial, IoT, leisure… So many areas of application with varied specifications of which the cost of responding to demand, beyond that of machines and materials, results in an investment in learning time. Difficult, therefore, to embrace the whole demand. Technical specialization is essential. Knowing the specifics and knowing how to bring them closer to a need is, again, crucial for the customer but also vital for the printer, who can concentrate on his activity without questioning it.

So many observations and potential solutions that naturally lead to the search for contacts, mutuality, understanding: a network.


As a notorious technophile, he sincerely believes that new technologies are the key to solving current and future societal problems.

« Encounters, benevolence and serendipity. »


Project manager and coach from IT, he uses his skills and experience in the startup world to explore the 3D printing market. Its drivers are people and innovation.

« I work so that my dreams are the technologies of tomorrow »